Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gorgeous portrait—John Wayne

Holy smokes, can you even believe this is John Wayne? What a handsome devil. Most of us remember him as "The Duke," a man's man, and more specifically, a tough, old cowboy ("well I tell ya Missey..." ), but this angelic face is quite beautiful. I haven't seen many of his cowboy and Indian films (or sagebrush and saddle!) except for The Searchers and a few other of those classic films like She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. I loved him The Green Berets, but it's not a light and fluffy film and a tough one to revisit.

My favorite John Wayne film, one that I've seen very often, is The Quiet Man, set in Ireland and co-starring the sassy and fiery Maureen O'Hara. Wayne's character is Sean Thornton, an American ex boxer who returns to his family's land and falls for Ms. O'Hara. (Fun fact: When Dan and I visited Ireland, we bought Aran sweaters at the same Galway shop that provided the custom costumes for The Quiet Man.) Wayne always seemed to have a warmth and genuine spirit in his roles, and never more so than in The Quiet Man.

“Courage is being scared to death, 
but saddling up anyway.” 

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  1. Handsome, indeed. I love his hair here. :) I used to watch _The Quiet Man_ with my parents when it would be on TV. :)


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