Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tomato palooza!

Got tomatoes? WHAM! All of a sudden the tomatoes are ripening like crazy in the garden. Don't you wish they'd start to ripen in June so we'd have a steady supply all summer, instead of this rainbow avalanche of them in August and September? We all bought and planted them with tender loving care, staked them and tied them up with old nylons, pinched them, watered them, fertilized them, picked green worms off them, and now they are ripening and it's finally time to harvest and eat them.

So many tomatoes, so many possibilities—gazpachos, warm stuffed tomatoes, cold stuffed tomatoes tomato and whole grain saladsBLT sandwiches, tomato terrines, roasted tomato soups, tomato and mozz salads, and scrumptious tomato focaccias and tomato tarts. Phew, let tomato palooza begin!

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