Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, VF

One of my favorite mags, Vanity Fair, turns 100 today! Sort of. The very first issue hit the newsstands on this day in 1913, then it had a twenty year run, followed by a forty-year hiatus (yup, absent from the Forties through the the Seventies), until it triumphantly returned in 1983. Dizzying, isn't it? So technically that makes the magazine only thirty years old, but what the heck, right? In any case, I love the juicy bits in the magazine—the fashion, pop culture, scandelous stories from classic old Hollywood, Dominic Dunne, (I miss him!), Christopher Hitchens ( I miss him too!), photos by Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino (both geniuses behind the camera), and so on and so on. The first thing I do when the mag arrives in the mail is go straight to the back page to read the Proust Questionnaire!

The very first issue of VF on the left, and Kate Upton 
in a recreation of the cover on the right.

 “In an age when nothing seems to last - 
not convictions, not even cities -
 a centennial... makes me marvel at the 
simple fact of longevity.”

current VF editor, Graydon Carter 

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