Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Who's next?

A funny thing happened to me at the deli the other day. I grabbed a number for service and giggled out loud when I saw the number 51. Two women waiting at the deli giggled along with me and commented that it's nice that I am so amused doing my shopping chores. I showed them my ticket and told them that although I was 51 that day, it was only for a few more days. The woman nearest me gave me her number 52 ticket and said, "Here, you'll be needing this then." Funny lady! I said "Wouldn't it be nice if the number read 26 instead of 52?" and she asked, me "Would you really want to do it all over again?" Without hesitation I replied "absolutely!!" Happy birthday to me—hopefully I'll always be 26 at heart.

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