Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sushi anyone?

It's blistering hot... again. Right now our meals are all about keeping the stifling temps at bay and staying cool, and for me this means grilling, cold salads, and unabashedly taking a little help from the local grocery market. For this light and cool meal, I bought some freshly made sushi from a local market and added in my home-made summer rolls.

I bought tasty and super nutritious seaweed and sesame salad, along with some savory California rolls (slices of crab, avocado and cucumber surrounded by brown sushi rice and nori, topped with pickled ginger and wasabi paste). For the summer rolls I used juliened scallions, yellow and red peppers, pea pods, carrots, cucumbers, and quickly sautĂ©ed garlicky shrimp. Have your veggies all prepped then place in a soaked rice paper and wrap it up in a tight bundle. I served the summer rolls with a sweet chili dipping sauce from Trader Joes. Time to go run under the sprinkler—bye!

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