Monday, July 15, 2013

Gorgeous portrait—Samuel Beckett

Intense portrait, isn't it? The dark background, the face riddled with wrinkles and knowledge, the gazing blue eyes... The Irish-born playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett (1906–1989) is best known for his Waiting for Godot. The play, first performed in Paris on Jan. 5, 1953, received critical acclaim, and launched Beckett's career. Beckett received the coveted Nobel Prize for literature in 1969 and one year later in 1970 his 16-volume Collected Works were published.

"Beckett's entire literary output, the narrative prose as well as the dramatic works, reduces basic existential problems to their most essential features. Thus his concerns are fundamental, but never simplistic--the evanescence of life; time and eternity; the individual's sense of loneliness and alienation as a result of the impossibility of establishing genuine communication and contact with others; the mystery of self." —From Grolier Incorporated.

"Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

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