Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some enchanting garden

The Rose Garden inside Beverly's Lynch park is a magical place indeed. Originally it was the formal sunken Italian rose garden of President Taft's original summer home. I grew up nearby on Lothrop Street and used to frolic in the beautifully manicured garden when I was a child. Wasn't I lucky? It's really no wonder that my husband and I eventually created a sunken garden in our own back yard with such grand inspiration! The two huge stone lions that flank the entrance steps were so majestic and mysterious to me, and the aroma of the flowers were heavenly. The garden has beautiful herringbone brick pathways, ancient carved limestone benches, and a brick wall that encloses it like a neat little package. Shouldering the Atlantic Ocean, the crashing waves add an extra romantic touch to the garden. It's also a fabulous place to get married, and I just happen to know that twenty years ago today it was a spectacularly sunny day there... wink wink

Upon entering, the signs on the brick columns read:

Whoever enters here let him beware
For he shall nevermore escape nor be free of my spell.

(bottom photos, Diane Carnevale)

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