Friday, January 4, 2013

The season for dreaming

This is the season for dreaming. I've planned most of my garden spaces on cold, quiet, wintery days, flipping furiously, curiously, and endlessly, through heaps and heaps of garden books, magazines, and catalogs. Inspiration leaps off every page—and lists are started of plants to get, what do dig up and divide, move or give away, and new areas to plant are sketched and resketched. Garden images are pinned on Pinterest. That longing for spring... the day when I can go outside and see the buds on trees swell and smell the earth coming alive... that's what keeps me pushing through these winter days. These stacks of books are barely a quarter of the garden books I have tucked about, here and there, in my little house. I couldn't make it through a New England winter without them. Think spring!

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