Sunday, January 6, 2013

Countdown to Downton (part deux!)

Downtonites... can you stand the anticipation? It's been impossible to miss all the buzz about the third season of BBC's Downton Abbey, kicking off tonight @ 9pm! The Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award winning period drama begins its seven week run in on January 6 and concludes with a ninety-minute finale on February 17. That means there's 9 1/2 hours of Eduardian-upstairs-downstairs drama ahead. What to look forward to... Let's recap the haps at Chez Crawley...

Upstairs... By now we DA fans know that the Countess of Grantham (Cora's) out-spoken and carefree American mother (played by Shirley MacLaine) will arrive at the Abbey and no doubt will try to shake up her in-laws. Look for some witty exchanges between her and the Dowager countess (Dame Maggie Smith, the DA queen of one-liners). Lord Grantham learns that he's lost the "lion-share" of Cora's money in a bad railway investment (YIKES! Very major news); Lady Mary and Mathew Crawley are slated to marry—she'll be a gorgeous bride and she won't even have to change her name or monograms; Scruffy voiced Lady Sybil has eloped to Ireland with the waaay too passionately political-minded chauffeur Branson, and we just learned that she is expecting a child; Lady Edith, the unfortunate awkward middle child is pining for a much older man with war wounds. She is a bit of a bitch, but surely she could do better. Time will tell what karma has in store for her.

Downstairs....Rumor has it that Carson has to break in a new butler; Mr. Bates is still falling on swords and behind bars for something else he hasn't done, leaving a loyal Anna back at the castle  (this story line bores me a bit, I must confess); Ditzy Daisy is still trying to work her way up the downstairs ladder; And what trouble will the wickedly evil former footman Thomas stir up this season? I hear it has to do with his sexuality, and the equally O'Brien is the one stirring up the pot this time. Oooh! The plots thicken. Should be a fun season—Thank you, Julian Fellows!

Isis... Good dog!

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