Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tulips = happiness!

parrot tulip photo by C├ędric Porchez

Tulips make me happy! In the golden age of Dutch history—the early 1600s—tulip bulbs were once so valuable that they were used as currency. Several books on this subject make for good winter reading, most notably Tulipomaniaby Mike Dash. There are many other books that cover the history of these precious bulbs, and there are gorgeous picture books and novels on the subject, such as the Alexander Dumas classic, The Black Tulip. Harold Feinstein has the most wondrous photos of tulips in his little book, The Infinite Tulip. Oversized white French tulips are my absolute favorite, but they are hard to come by and I can't afford them anyway. I grow tulips in the spring—crazy colored parrot tulips and adorable short, red, Little Red Riding Hood tulips with variegated leaves are two cultivars that I couldn't do without. Happy and colorful tulips are at the markets now, so go out and buy a bunch to bring yourself some good cheer! 

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