Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

I think that decorating Christmas trees is one of those rare times times that you can throw that old saying of less is more right out the window. It's OK to go overboard, if you wish. In true Tony Duquette style, more is more, and over embellishing and "ridiculous excess" (to quote William Shakespeare) is absolutely allowed. Everyone's trees are beautiful in their own individual way, whether they are decorated with natural ornaments such as pine cones, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices, or decorated in Star Trek ornaments. My friend Liah does a Winnie the Pooh theme on her tree, and my friend Elaine does all purple ornaments.

This is my 'silver' tree—each and every ornament on this smallish tree is silver only. It stands proudly in a double window on the second floor of my home. On it I have antique crackle glass and hand-beaded ornaments from India—fleur-de-lis, tasseled balls, stars, paisleys and triangles—nestled next to filigree silver balls and snowflakes, Eiffel Tower keychains bought in Paris, Hand painted silver Santas bought in Rothenburg, Germany, Mexican hammered tin hearts, silver bells, round beaded discs (actually coasters) and funky little disco balls that catch the sunlight and make hundreds of "light fairies" that dance on the walls and ceiling. I try to buy in sets of a least a dozen each so that ornaments repeat throughout the tree, which is the same sort of design trick I use in the garden. To gild the lily even more I have clear glass teardrops on the tips of nearly every branch, and a beaded silver star at the tippity-top. All told, there are probably hundreds of ornaments... and this is just my silver tree! Downstairs I always have a larger tree that is only gold and red ornaments (crazy, I know). 

Read about my gold tree here: 

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  1. so so so sparkly and beautiful! Now I want to come see it in person!


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