Friday, December 30, 2011

December alfresco bath

Don't forget to to take care of the fine feathered friends in your yards this winter by supplying them with a heated birdbath, or as I like to call it, a heated swimming pool! When the mercury dips below freezing most water sources are scarce or frozen, so the birds really appreciate a watering hole like this to take a sip from or to take a bath to clean their feathers. To keep the water from freezing use an electric de-icing element. This photo was snapped just this morning during a snowstorm, as a flock robins were elbowing each other to get at the water. One robin even went in for a dip and flapped her wings as she bathed. I've noticed that these robins hang out here all winter and don't fly further south. Sure the ground is frozen and they can't get to their adored worms, but I see them in the cedar trees eating the juniper berries along with the grackles and the starlings. They must be able to find plenty of other berries to sustain them throughout the snowy northeast winters.

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