Friday, September 9, 2011

Mango chutney with attitude!

Our neighbor Mark shared some of his very excellent homemade mango chutney with us recently. It was sweet with a gingery bite and even had a dash of curry—chutney with attitude! Mark is a physics professor, so I have visions of him tackling a recipe in a very scientific manner—you know, armed with safety goggles, black rubber apron, juggling test tubes and making a control recipe before experimenting with variations. I jest. But I do have it from a very good source (Mark's S.O., Maggie, who is also a fabulous cook) that Mark does a very thorough job of reading through any sort of instructions before getting started. Here is the mango chutney recipe that he used. 

I added yogurt to a bit of Mark's chutney to make a dressing for a salad of grilled chicken (mango chutney glazed) and steamed carrots on bed of greens. This was actually made from leftovers from the Indian dinner shown below—grilled chicken, a healthy dollop of Mark's awesome chutney, a cooling cucumber raita, and a crispy lentil pappadum. If you've only ever had store bought jarred chutney (think Major Grey made by several brands...who was that dude, anyhow?), I highly recommend you try making it fresh; based on Mark's delicious chutney there's no comparison. Thanks Mark!

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