Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The last hurrah of summer

photo, Diane Carnevale 

This is a section of my garden border now—the last hurrah of summer. Once upon a time this area was dominated by yellows at this time of year, but I've since moved the yellow flowered plants to a separate hot garden—filled with yellows, oranges and hot pinks. This border starts out as shades of purple—purple tulips, zillions of purple alliums, iris blossoms, and nepeta (catmint). And then it slowly... delightfully... magically... morphs into shades of pink by summer—purple coneflower (which everyone knows is really pink), huge rose mallow (hibiscus kopper king), and tall giraffe-like joe pye weed. The burgundy leaves of the heuchera (coral bells), ornamental dwarf peach trees, purple fountain and fireworks grasses all blend quite well with the prominent old-fashioned dusty pink color. You can't quite see it in this photo but there are two pink sedums flanking the large rhubarb leaves (also with pinkish undersides and veins) that are pinking up right about now. The bees are happily buzzing away and gathering nectar—their last hurrah as well.

photo, Dan Ryan 

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