Friday, June 21, 2013

Midsummer's day

Happy summer solstice! One of these years I'll have a Midsummer's Night Dream party, as an ode to Will Shakespeare, but this year we welcomed summer—the longest and sunshiniest day of the year—with a light, modified Nordic-themed lunch. In Scandanavian, Finnish, and Baltic cultures this first day of summer is a blockbuster annual celebration that involves major frolicking! Fresh flowers in the hair, dancing, and traditional dress are all part of the reveling. The food usually includes pickled herring, potatoes with dill and strawberries and cream for dessert. To drink? Ample toasts of caraway infused Aquavit.  In that spirit, but without the pickled herring, we enjoyed an alfresco lunch of  Charlie Trotter's citrus smoked salmon on rye bread with a a shmear of a dill lemon cream cheese spread,  a bowl of our own home-grown strawberries, Havarti cheese and an Aquavit spritzer (lingonberry preserves, sugar, Aquavit and lemon). Skoal!

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