Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Princess treatment

Ever want to peek into someone's bathroom cabinet? I know you do. Well here's a peek into one section of mine, which holds just some of my Princess Borghese spa products. Okay, I admit, I am obsessed with PB. It reminds me of the spa resort town of Montecatini that Dan and I stumbled upon on our honeymoon in Italy back in 1993. There, one can "take the waters" (either drink them or soak in them), and the whole town has a very Fellini-esque vibe. So a date with the Princess means a mini home spa day that brings me back to that beautiful town. A nice volcanic mud and a glass of prosecco makes everything right, si? Tuscan salt scrubs on my dry calves and heels, spritzing toners, hand creams, facial wrinkle and vitamin C creams.... they're all delicious Italian indulgences. I have visited the inspiring art filled villa Borghese and Borghese gardens in Rome, filled with amazing architecture and art, and can only imagine the hedonistic indulgences there way back in the day. I am sure many servants were involved. So what's your idea of a home spa day?

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