Thursday, August 30, 2012

My talented frog

Photos, Diane Carnevale

Okay, maybe I've already shared too many frog photos with you all already, but this isn't just any frog; it's my frog—and I grew him from a pollywog (a buck fifty from the pollywog store). And look at the talent! Here's Jeremiah perched atop of one of my green glass balls our pond. How did the ball not roll around, like a gerbil running on one of those wheels? If you think that's good you should see him jump. And forget about having a staring contest with him, because he'll win every time. Today I was delighted to discover that now we have three Jeremiahs in the pond. I only bought two pollywogs so the word must be out that this is the pond to float in, and now we have migrating frog imports. There's some sort of joke in there about a green card, isn't there?

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