Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mass plantings

My neighbors Mark and Maggie have an enormous yard, and recently, while they were down on the Cape frolicking in the sun and surf with their family, I sauntered around their back yard 'ooo-hing and aah-ing. I noticed this lovely mass planting of purple coneflowers on the edge of an area where they have allowed to go a little wild. Thet have planted several purple coneflower plants there, which in the next few years will grow and knit together to form a beautiful drift of pink. I like it when a tamed and manicured lawn meets a grassy area that's allowed to go to seed (see the bottom photo). Nice juxtaposition. Dutch garden master Piet Oudolf spearheaded this concept, and is well known for planting mass drifts of grasses and indigenous flowers on a very gigantic scale. Check out Piet's website for some amazing garden inspiration. Oh, and thanks for the local inspiration M & M!

photos, Diane Carnevale

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