Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Conifers in the garden

There are so many lovely textures and colors in our young conifer grove, which is slowly growing larger each year. They are prettiest in spring, when the new needle growth (called candles) bud out. Eventually these conifers will knit together and intertwine, making an interesting patchwork quilt of sorts. Included in the mix is: a Papoose Spruce (darling name, yes?), a small Taylor's sunburst pine tree, a spiky Japanese umbrella pine, a golden colored Skylands spruce, a sturdy Korean fir with tight, curling needles that are white underneath, a prickly blue spruce, soft yellow leaves of a Cripps golden cypress, and in the way back, an ever towering, feathery soft Dawn Redwood tree. It's a tapestry of trees.
To see more colors, click on the "color inspiration" label below.

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