Friday, November 18, 2011

Beastie Boy!

I painted this wild and expressive looking Scottish Highland cow for an upcoming show at the Gallery Della-Piana called "The Beauty of the Beast: The Animal as Muse" and as you can see I had fun with it! Some of you art fans might be familiar with the Fauvism movement of the early part of the last century—bold, colorful and impressionistic brush strokes. One of the most well known leaders of the fauvist movement was Henri Matisse. Did you know that les fauves is French for the wild beastsElissa told me that one room of her show will be dedicated to wild beasts, perhaps not all in the fauvist style, but still it's sure to be a wild show! The opening is Saturday, November 26th, 5 to 7PM, and the show runs until January 15th, 2012. As always Elissa has a wide variety of art there, so I hope you can visit her gallery.

Fun with Photoshop...
I gave my Beastie Boy the Andy Warhol treatment.

Below is another cow of mine that will be in the show. 

Both paintings are for sale—contact me for info if you are interested.

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