Monday, January 6, 2014

Downton is back!

Theyyyyy'rrreee baaaack! They eagerly anticipated season 4 of Downton Abbey ran last night on PBS. I wonder if this season can ever possibly live up to all the promotion and hype that it's gotten? This first episode had some rather silly and far-fetched plot lines, so To me this season hasn't gotten off to a good start. It was a little rough for us viewers last season, bumping off both Lady Sybil and Matthew, but fear not, I've read that some new faces will appear this season. Sure enough, we already saw some new faces in last night's episode. And one of the downstairs characters disappeared in the night... O'Brien... poof, gone! Her evilness has already been replaced by other evildoers. Tsk, tsk—karma's a bitch. Enjoy the season!

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