Monday, August 5, 2013

Ode to a summer's day

photos by Dan Ryan & Diane Carnevale 

Here are various critters from our back yard. Love them all—the dragonflies, hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, snakes, pheasants, bunny rabbits, chipmunks, and yes, even the woodchucks. Enjoy this poem by Anni Morris which truly captures how I feel when I am in my garden.

Ode to a Summer's Day

I go outside to enter my Utopia
My wonderland where I can be Alice.
Soft blue towers of delphiniums
Are my lofty spires on which I can dream.
Was that a white tail I saw amongst the lavender?
A mouse behind the willow pot?
I doze some more.

Spiders, high construction workers
Relentless and skilled with such delicacy
Of touch, they weave and contort.
Their silkwork
The finest that can be wrought.

The late afternoon sun so warm and full now
Cradles me as I sit on my garden throne.
The orchestra of crickets and bees
Make music with the strings of sunshine
That fall from branches of lilac
Heavy with bloom.

All the dogs are quiet now
They doze…
Sleeping stone statues
Seeking shade and cool,
They wait for fresh air to kiss their noses.

Hot feathered birds full of dust
Perch on the lichen etched bird bath
Like pegs.
They splash and flick diamonds over
The emerald lawn below
Unaware of watchers

Soon the sun will rest
Dip over distant hills,
A sunset of lemon sorbet and tangerine
Will refresh the sky
A late evening cocktail before
The last blackbird sings
And the earth sighs
Into its soft pillow of night.

— Anni Morris

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