Thursday, August 29, 2013

Local characters

jellyfish girl

Doesn't everyone people watch? Well I do! I confess that I'm always people watching wherever I go. In Europe I can always tell the locals apart from the tourists. I particularly love seeing groups of older men or women sitting around catching up with news. On Martha's Vineyard though, I never really knew if I was looking at a local or a visitor, but it really didn't matter. Here are some of the characters that I came across. Above is a friend that we met at the beach. Her name is Taiena (yes, it rhymes with hyena), and she was catching baby moon jellyfish with her friend. She insisted that we look and feel the jellyfish!

superman boy and pork-pie hat boy

the pink club girls

pig-tail up-do baby

Roland and his mom waiting for the bus

fishing boy

All photos by DC

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