Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jeepers peepers!

Another spring tradition we have is to mark on the calendar when we hear the first spring peepers singing away. Peepers are baby frogs—also known as pollywogs, tadpoles, and porwigles—and are the aquatic stage in the amphibian's life cycle. This morning our neighbor Mark (a physics professor) wrote to tell us that he heard the first lone peeper last night in the vernal pond near us... surely many more will follow soon. Mark has even tape recorded this incredible, annual peeper music. So I made this peeper graphic this morning as an homage to the queen of preppy prints, Lilly Pulitzer, and to the humble peeper.

From Wikipedia: 
The name "tadpole" is from Middle English taddepol, made up
  of the elements tadde, "toad", and pol, "head" (modern English "poll"). 
Similarly, "polliwog" is from Middle English polwygle, made up of 
the same pol, "head" and wiglen, "to wiggle".

Here's a few fun Lilly prints...

Photo by Mark Tries

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