Monday, April 4, 2011

Let the season begin!

We have a tradition in early April to pop open a bottle of champagne when we turn on the fountain in the sunken garden for the first time. Yesterday was the day. The sun was shining brightly and although it was windy and chilly it was toasty warm down in the sunken garden. So there we were, basking in sunshine, drinking bubbles, and listening to the mesmerizing trickle of the fountain. The crocuses in the Japanese maple grove were all reaching for the sun as a symphony of honey bees visited each of them for nectar. We also nibbled on some crackers and cheese. We found a new favorite brand from Canada (by way of Henry's Market) called Leslie Stowe Crisps. The "flavour" we had were rosemary-raisin-pecan, and the were super delicious with an aged cheddar from Vermont. We tried it with a 3 year old Gouda but it was much bettaah with cheddah. The crisps are thin, not perfectly flat, and very crispy.

Photos by Dan Ryan and Diane Carnevale

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