Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello sunshine!

This is definitely not your average bacon and eggs breakfast. We try and do fruit and grain filled breakfasts throughout the week but do enjoy our eggs on Sunday along with the New York Times crossword puzzle, which Dan is now doing on his cool new iPad 2. This morning we had fabulous organic, blueish green colored eggs that we bought from Whole Foods yesterday—Pete & Gerry's Platine Bleue eggs.

I made these eggs the way my mom used to when we were little—she would soft boil an egg, chop it up, and add a little dab of butter, salt and pepper, then she'd always serve it in a custard cup with a tea spoon. Since I wanted to preserve the beautiful blue egg shell for presentation, I cut open the shell first and poached the egg instead of boiling it, but the end result was the same. We also had a sweet Black Forest bacon, a round of toasted pumpernickel bread, zingy kumquats, and carrot-orange juice. Earlier in the week I bought sunny yellow ranunculus flowers from Trader Joe's—the best prices around on cut flowers—and they fit in nicely with the breakfast tableau. Chives are growing in the garden so those were snipped fresh this morning. This gave me a chance to use the nifty egg cutter from Williams Sonoma that Santa left in my stocking this Christmas. Now that I am sufficiently fueled, time to go outside to the garden and do some much needed spring cleaning.

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