Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tomaaato, Tomaahhta

Photos, Dan Ryan

Well it's that time of year... we're waist deep in record New England snow and I'm day dreaming of being barefoot in the garden, and plucking that first ripe tomato from the vine. I thought very seriously about ordering seeds and starting them inside like I did last year, with a heating pad under and and grow light overhead. But instead I just ordered a bunch of plants through the web. I have had really good luck ordering from Hirtz Gardens though Amazon. Here's what I got: Yellow Pear, Black Sea Man, Russian Black Truffel, Green Zebra, and a new rare blue tomato. Well see how they turn out. Two years ago we had nothing but drizzle and rain and mold all summer, last summer was dry and things grew well if you were good at watering. I was recovering from some intestinal surgeries and wasn't allowed to haul our heavy duty hose around, so both the veggie and flower gardens suffered a bit from neglect. Sorry guys, I promise to do better this year. Let's hope Mother Nature cooperates too. Check out those tomato photos though—the sellers must use a little Photoshop magic make their tomatoes look so super incredible with saturated colors. My favorite tomato is the common Beefsteak, which is always uncommonly fab and reliably delicious, but I'll get those at a local nursery in the spring. I always like growing some of the rare and usual varieties in the garden to visually jazz up a plate so I hope these plants do well this summer. Until then, there's more snow in the forecast.

Looking forward to eating those ripe tomatoes! Here is a Proven├žal stuffed tomato that I made last summer.

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