Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Points of Departure

A new exhibit called Points of Departure opens today at the Gallery Della-Piana in Wenham. Looks like a fun show!

From Art Scope Magazine:
Abstract art can sometimes tap into our collective psyches and make the viewer think about life and art from a new perspective. In the new exhibition “Points of Departure” six artists take on non-objective art at the Gallery Della-Piana. Gallery owner Elissa Della-Piana explains what non-objective art means to her and the artists featured in her gallery. “It is starting literally, as it were, from nothing…Just the paint itself or the canvas itself and having that become the focus.”

The six artists featured are diverse and work in different mediums. Masako Kamiya is able to create optical illusions with her paintings. Rose Olsonpaints acrylic on wood paneling making her work appear as though and “they’re pieces of fine silk stretched over wood”, says Della-Piana. Michael Pasquale uses his architecture skills by covering self-made wooden structures with canvases of his art. Pamela C. Shaw draws with rods of metal on white surfaces leaving impressions on her art and the viewer. Robert Cipriani uses mixed materials that don’t always go together such as paint, metal and glass in an unusual but impressive symphony. Niho Kozuru is a sculptor using colored rubber, oftentimes encasing found objects in the colored rubber creating a texturally compelling piece.

These artists work can be seen at Gallery Della-Piana until April, 21. The gallery hours are Thursdays to Saturdays from 11AM-6PM. The gallery is located 152R Main St., Wenham MA.

 Photo from Gallery Della Piana

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