Monday, January 17, 2011

Myopia sled dog races

Photos, Dan Ryan

This weekend we went to the Myopia Sled Dog races in our town. Actually Appleton Farms is in both Hamilton and our neighboring Ipswich—or Hipswich—as I like to call it, and is one many beautiful Trustees of Reservations properties. It was cold, snowy, exciting, and filled with two and four legged masses—the former doing the mushing and the latter doing the yelping. I felt as though I was in Europe because it had an ├╝ber cool Nordic-Bavarian sort of vibe going on. Plus I love the smell of gas exhaust from snow mobiles... Is that wrong? There were some great sponsors and booths this year, including the True North Gallery in Hamilton. It was great fun, and thankfully Mother Nature pulled through with heaps and heaps of snow. Hot chocolate and Baileys tasted great after... Mush!

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