Sunday, January 9, 2011

Air mail birds

I have a small series of little watercolor bird and stamp collages that have been on display at the Hamilton Post Office since December. Although I usually paint with oil on canvas, I do occasionally play with watercolors as well. These cheerful watercolor and stamp collages are the direct result of being confined to bed for several weeks after a major surgery late last winter. Oil painting in bed was simply not an option! I was entertained and inspired by the sights and sounds of various birds calling their potential mates, and the result of this were these darling little birds that debuted at the Gallery Della-Piana for their Bird themed exhibit in July of 2010. The red one sold and the rest are still for sale. Contact me for pricing.

Made you smile, didn't they?

Remember when people used to write letters? A note in the mail is still priceless to me, and so much more civilized than e-mail. I adore postage stamps and have been collecting them for ages. They come from my travels in Europe, from post cards send from family or friends from around the planet, or I sometimes buy them through the internet. Each of the stamps are little gems and they all go into my stamp box, which has gotten to be quite a large collection over the years. Who wouldn't love to see a Cary Grant stamp [She said, swooning] on an envelope?

And speaking of birds, here is a large oil painting I made of a cardinal. I call him Big Red.

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