Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Charming vignettes abound

We are seeing such charming vignettes driving through this English countryside. We drive though miles and miles of wide open rolling green or golden hills and then suddenly we land in a small village clustered with classic Cotswold homes.

Nestled together in a rabbit warren of tightly knit streets are a melange of brown thatched roofs perched on top of limestone cottages—all with flowing heaps of blossoms that heave and ho over sturdy stone walls. Then through the village we drive and out to more open green hills until we come upon the best village up the road.

Below is one cluster of homes that we came upon (Not by chance, mind you. Dan had researched this place and we actually sought it out as a destination). This is Arlington Row, Bibury (in Shipton Moyne). These stone cottages were built in 1380 and, like so much of Cotswolds history, are tied to the wool trade. Very picturesque.

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