Sunday, November 29, 2015

Turkey with a twist...

... or a roll! Most years we cook up a turkey on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, mainly so we can have a few  leftover sandwiches the following week. We've been cooking boneless, stuffed turkey breast roulades for several years now. This year we stuffed our roulade with baby spinach leaves, and a stuffing made with the usual onions and celery, but also added in turkey sausage, fresh chopped parsley, dried apricots, and whole pecans. When the turkey roulade is cooked and sliced, the result is a colorful, succulent, mosaic of turkey and stuffing goodness. Here's how we make it:

The toughest part of making this roulade is removing the bone from the turkey (not for the faint of heart). If you aren't up for it, perhaps you can sweet talk your butcher into doing it. It's job security for them, right? After you wrangle your turkey, butterfly the meat out flat, season with salt and black pepper, stuff it with whatever stuffing you wish. We like adding this layer of green spinach leaves before adding the stuffing in. 

Carefully roll the turkey, then tie the roulade with kitchen twine at at least three sections so the roulade doesn't explode. We also add trips of bacon to keep Tom Turkey moist (I know, right?!), but you can skip this part if you wish. Then just pop that bad boy in a toasty 350° oven for about an hour and a half until the inside reaches a temp of 160° with a meat thermometer. If you wanted to cook this for Thanksgiving, all of this prepping and stuffing business can be done the day before. Nice, neat and easy-peasy.

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