Thursday, April 2, 2015

Girl on Rocks

Girl on Rocks  9 x 12  Circa 1977 

For Throwback Thursday... here is a painting I made when I was just a wee lass of only 16!  For anyone who is curious, that's... cough, cough... around 37 years ago. I  knew that I was going to be an artist since around age 3, when it was noted that I had and obsessive love of Crayola Crayons and construction paperIn my early teen years I took drawing and painting classes at Montserrat College of Art and at The Sisters of Notre Dame in Ipswich, and a spark grew into a flame that still burns. This painting, one of my first experiments using oil paints, proudly hangs on a wall in my mother's bedroom, and is definitely, absolutely not for sale. Ever.

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