Monday, September 15, 2014

Stamped + embossed

We really don't make books like we used to. Just look at this magnificent gold embossed book! Not just because of the fairy on the cover, this book is truly enchanting and magical. I confess, I am a bibliomaniac or bibliophile, and never, ever will own a Kindle to read my books in. I love the smell of old books (hardcover of course!), and my legs grow weak when I think of books with stamped and embossed cloth binding, gilt edges, bookplates, with head and tail pieces, colored plates,  folding plates, vellum and glassine separator pages, and exotic marbled end papers. Are these really from a bygone era? Is the hardcover book really dead? I love flipping the book pages, and even love how they look on a bookshelf. Swoon. I gravitate towards these old books like moths to a flame, and I'm in a mossy sort of mood today, so here are some more beautiful book covers from years ago.

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