Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lillet cocktail

The Saturday Sipper this week is one of the most refreshing summer cocktails ever—the Lillet cocktail. Lillet blanc is a delicious French apéritif wine made with a blend of white wines and liqueurs made from Spanish and Moroccan orange peels. Click here to read the history of Lillet—it's quite fascinating. Mmmm—this cocktail is light with the essence of orange, and not too boozy tasting. 

2 oz Lillet blanc
2-3 drops of orange bitters
prosecco or champagne
orange slice for garnishing

Fill two glasses with ice and add an ounce of Lillet into to each. Add 2-3 drops of the orange bitters (I use Stirring's brand), then fill glass with the prosecco or champagne. Stir and add a slice of orange and maybe a pretty nasturtium flower, and then sip and dream of being in the South of France.

Makes two trés refreshing Lillet cocktails


Read more about Lillet by clicking here!

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