Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Doppio zero flour

Look what I found at Whole Foods! This super fine and soft "00 flour" flour is sometimes listed in Italian pizza dough and pasta recipes. Pizzaiolo and bakers throughout Italy—not just Naples mind you—wouldn't think of using anything else. It's hard to come by in the USA but worth searching for because it has that true authentic flavor. Why? It's scientific and complicated, but I'll just give you the short version.

Here we categorize flours by how much protein are in them, which directly affects the gluten formation in whatever we're making, but in Italy (and other parts of Europe) it's categorized a bit differently. The  flour there is based on how finely the flour has been ground, from powder-fine "00" flour  to coarsely-ground type "2" flour. Just think of those crusty French baguettes, bought on a Rive Gauche saunter, and eaten under La Tour Eiffel. Oooh laa laa!

I am thinking homemade pizza is in my near future, Ciao Ciao!

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