Friday, June 8, 2012

New obsession... Pinterest!

Recently I've wasted a colossal amount of time exploring and 'pinning' images on Pinterest—a virtual pinboard. Serendipity is just a few mouse clicks away as you feast your eyes on myriad images, and you pin and hoard them into categories called 'boards.' Thankfully it was a rainy week here in the Boston area, which has kept me away from my garden chores anyhow, but seriously, I need a family intervention and a 12-step program. As an artist and designer I am inspired by everything visual (That explains all of my books and magazines mom!) and I tend to see the world by colors, textures, typography, etc. I was attracted to Pinterest as a tool to help me organize all that visual, virtual stuff on my computer (and BTW, George Carlin would surely poke fun at virtual stuff, were he still alive), but I seem to be slightly derailed and sidetracked with my quasi OCD and ADD tendencies. You can have a peek at my 'boards' (sample above) by clicking here—For the most part I have arranged them all by color. But please know that if you are like me, Pinterest is ridiculously, obsessively, and compulsively addicting! Consider yourself warned.

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