Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The perfect red

Anyone who has ever tried to pick a red paint for a room knows, shades of the color red come in a dizzying array of colors! The perfect red for one person might be all wrong for someone else. Red evokes feelings of passion, energy and rage, and represents power, royalty, and way more than I want to go into on this little blog post. It can range from warm shades to cool shades, from the lightest pinks to deepest burgundies. Whatever the shade of red, it generally grabs your attention.

Did you ever wonder how the color red was first made? One of my favorite books tells the history of this magnificent color. A Perfect Red, by Amy Butler Greenfield, is beautifully written and packed with the history of the color, from cave paintings in Spain to the red carpet in Hollywood on Oscar night. You might be surprised to know that the some of the first red fabrics were dyed with crushed cochineal beetles, which were found growing on cactus plants in Mexico. What a crazy chore! It's no wonder that red fabric was only affordable to the very wealthy, royalty or the Catholic church. What's your perfect red?

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