Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sargent's watercolors

Gondoliers' Siesta, Venice

John Singer Sargent's much anticipated watercolor exhibition opened in April at the Brooklyn Museum. I'm a huge fan of Sargent, especially his watercolors, and even more especially his watercolors in Venice, which this exhibit will have plenty of. Sargent captured color, shadows and light like no other. The Brooklyn Museum and the MFA have combined their Sargent watercolors for this magnificent exhibit. 102 works of art will first show in Brooklyn until the end of July, and then in mid October the entire show will move to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. As the catalog accompanying the current exhibition states, "together they trace Sargent's path across Europe and the Middle East as he explored the subjects and themes that habitually attracted his attention: sunlight on stone, reclining figures, patterns of light and shadow." I'm counting the days to this one!

The Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Santa Maria della Salute, Venice

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